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Clams à la marinière

                                                                               Receta en Español

Clams à la marinière is a typical dish in North Spain, in Asturias are very popular too. You can eat them as a dish by their own or to accompany stews, to give a sea taste to beans or pasta.

Almejas a la marinera


      •   1 clove of garlic.
      •   1 Little onion.
      •   1 tablespoon of flour.
      •   1 cup White wine.
      •   Olive oil.
      •   Parseley to sprinkle.
      •   500 grams of Clams.


1-   Place fresh clams in a bowl with water and a handful of salt during three hours to remove the sand. Change the water three or four times.

2-   Chop garlic and onion and sauté them in a pan with a little olive oil, sauté until onion turns transparent.

3-   Add flour and stirr well with a wooden spoon.

4-   Now add White wine, clams and parseley. Stirr with the wooden spoon. Clams will be done once they are open. If there is some of them that doesn't open , discard them. They must be rotten.

My comments to the Recipe 

It is easy to cook, and clams are delicious with the wine. It is bette If you make it with fresh clams, I bought them fresh but I froze them after cleaning. I wasn't sure if frozen clams will open but Ican asure you that even frozen clams open when they are cooked.

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